Our medium wheel-base Iveco Daily is more than just 4 wheels, it’s more than just a panel van, and it’s much more than just a camper van conversion. It’s our home. Not a temporary home either, but our full time living, working and sleeping space. We are full time van dwellers and without our Iveco things would be a little tricky.

We brought our new home from an agricultural mechanic who wanted to upgrade his trusty work van for something a bit shinier. It’s probably fair to say that our new van wasn’t that keen to be a campervan, she clearly still relinquished her old life as the saviour of tractors and protested her new life quite spectacularly to begin with.

We won her over though, with a lot of care and attention we coaxed her from those muddy fields to a new life of travel and adventure. Bill carefully converted her into a liveable space for all of us. She’s a fully equipped Iveco now with: cooker, hobs, fridge, sink and a toilet. We do have a shower, but that’s outside and cold water only (not much fun in the middle of winter). There’s also plenty of storage and a telly for those nights when the weather is really bad. We have a fixed bed, and seats and the dog even has her own special cave under our bed where she likes to hide.

Our electrics are run from a mix of solar power and battery, and we have an amazing gas heating system so that we (and by we, I really mean the dog) can get warm and toasty when it’s cold outside.

All of the conversion was done ourselves with items taken from our old camper conversion or sourced from ebay, and any mechanical work (and ok, there’s been a fair bit of that) was undertaken by J G Engineering in Salisbury