A Field in Martin Village

Being ill in a van isn’t always fun but when the views as good as this one, it makes things a little bit easier. I got to know my wild neighbours whilst looking out over a field in Martin Village.

Our Travel Update

One thing you learn very quickly living on the road, is that nothing goes to plan. You always need to be prepared for whatever comes your way - because when it happens it will happen in the most of dramatic, unexpected ways.

My 5 favourite ways to Reconnect with Nature

Sometimes it can all get a bit much, with constant demands and the ongoing buzz of technology. Sometimes we need to take a step back, disconnect from the pressures and re-connect with something that’s been there for us for as long as we can remember. These are my tips for reconnecting with the natural world around us.

Otter Survey Training

I’ve not had as much luck spotting otters back here as I did when we were in Scotland. So what better way to improve my chances of being more otter aware, and help the local mammal group, than by volunteering to help out in their otter surveys.