Welcome to Seeking Wild Sights...

Here you will find blog posts and photos to help keep track of our travels and wildlife encounters as we head out on the road in our Iveco Daily camper conversion. Myself and my other half (and our Jack Russel Millie) have packed in the day jobs and our rented accommodation for a life on four wheels. With a van filled with maps, field guides and camera gear we are ready to seek out our own wild sights.

I'm Jeni. My passions have always been based around travel and wildlife. I have always been a keen wildlife watcher and now armed with a camera I’m learning new ways to document my love of wildlife (and all things campervan). My favourite part of being on the road is not knowing what each day will bring, you never know what you are going to see on a day to day basis, it keeps you on your toes


Bill is the brains of the operation, he is a keen campervan conversion enthusiast as well as an avid map lover. When Bill’s not pouring over maps planning routes he is usually sketching out new van designs (or trying to fix our current van). His favourite part of living on the road is being able to wake up in different places, one day by the sea, the next in the forest……the possibilities are endless.

Millie is our six-year-old slightly neurotic Jack Russell. She’s not particularly helpful when it comes to wildlife watching as she gets a bit excited, but she enjoys sniffing out new locations and playing with her ball on the beach. Her favourite part of living on the road is the fact she has her own bedroom under our bed with her favourite blanket in, because her passion in life is sleeping.